Slarskey LLC successfully represented a Westchester-based construction company, in a business divorce arbitration between its two principals.

The firm's client had been in business for more than a decade as a solely-owned LLC. In 2018, its owner took on a partner, one of his employees, who had worked for the company for several years. Almost immediately, the relationship became strained with governance and accounting disputes, such that by the end of 2019 the partners recognized that they needed to separate their affairs. With a plan to wind-down and run-off the business, the separation process became strained by the effects of the covid pandemic.

In May 2021, when attempts to resolve the dispute stalled, Slarskey LLC filed for arbitration on behalf of its clients. In the ensuing months, the Firm overcame multiple sets of counsel employed by the opposing party, erratic practices engaged in by the opposing party’s expert accountant, and ultimately conducted a four-day hearing that took place in March 2022 before a AAA arbitrator. While our client had been willing to make a modest payment to secure a peaceful and final separation prior to the hearing, when the generous offer was rejected, Slarskey LLC obtained a complete victory on every issue presented to the arbitrator (except for one, minor accounting adjustment), and a substantial final award in its clients' favor.
After a successful petition to confirm the award in the state courts, the opposing party refused to comply with certain ministerial obligations of the final award and order of the Court. The opposing party finally agreed to settle the dispute when Slarskey LLC brought a sanctions motion to obtain compliance. 
David Slarskey was lead counsel for this matter along with Ingrid Johnson.