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Slarskey LLC is a New York-based litigation boutique. We love what we do: bring a sophisticated, practical, and relentless approach to dispute resolution. 

Our philosophy emphasizes a firm, fair, and focused approach to litigation, with the goal of sharpening the facts and the law, and developing credibility in the eyes of our adversaries and the courts. Experience tells us that this is the best way to achieve our clients’ objectives. We prepare every case expecting it to go to trial, but ready to find a fair and reasonable outcome. 

At the center of our profession is the concept of the “attorney-client privilege.” We take that privilege seriously: it is a privilege for us to advocate for great clients. We seek to instill in our clients the feeling that it is a privilege to have us as their advocates. And there is—between us and our clients—a trust and confidence that is at the heart of our success. That is why we look for clients who we can authentically represent: who we want to represent, based on mutual appreciation.