About Us

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Slarskey LLC is a New York-based litigation boutique. We bring a sophisticated, practical, and relentless approach to dispute resolution, always keeping our clients' needs and business realities at the forefront of our strategy. 

Our philosophy and practice emphasize a firm, fair, and focused approach to litigation. We aim to sharpen the facts and the law, and develop credibility in the eyes of our adversaries and the courts. Experience tells us that this is the best way to achieve our clients’ objectives. We prepare every case expecting it to go to trial, while being ready to secure an equitable and appropriate outcome whenever possible. Clients tell us that our commercially minded, personalized, and efficient approach to determining case strategy sets us apart from other firms, as does our ability to craft a compelling narrative and serve as zealous advocates for those we represent.

We consider it a privilege to advocate for great clients. In every interaction, we work to make sure our clients are heard, understood, respected, and protected. We are committed to providing an unmatched level of client service and representation, and our dedication to unparalleled service extends beyond the courtroom: it is fundamental to our culture of continuous improvement. We seek out client feedback on a regular basis, and that feedback guides us in refining our approach, enhancing our services, and maintaining the highest standards of client care.

In everything we do, we seek to build the mutual trust and confidence between us and our clients that lies at the heart of our success. It is why we look for clients we can represent authentically, based on mutual appreciation.