Slarskey LLC's work on behalf of elite legal marketing boutique Baretz+Brunelle, and its partner Howard Rosenberg, was recognized this week by Reuters, along with The American Lawyer, and Law360.  

The firm represents Baretz+Brunelle and Rosenberg in a declaratory judgment action filed in the Southern District of New York, seeking a determination that Baretz+Brunelle has not violated the Defense of Trade Secrets Act, or otherwise improperly competed with Decipher, a legal intelligence boutique founded by Rosenberg in 2015. Rosenberg departed Decipher in 2019, after a falling out with his former co-founder, Michael Ellenhorn.  

After returning all Decipher property, and waiting until the expiration of his non-compete agreement, Rosenberg approached Baretz+Brunelle with a proposal to reboot the business. When Decipher and Ellenhorn learned of Rosenberg and Baretz+Brunelle's plans, they threatened to sue Baretz+Brunelle and Rosenberg for theft of trade secrets and other violations of law.

Baretz+Brunelle and Rosenberg are represented by David Slarskey and Richard Weingarten of Slarskey LLC.