• David Slarskey

Leadership: Daily News Coverage of New Lawsuit

The New York Daily News covered our recently filed lawsuit on behalf of drivers for First Corporate Sedans and Elite Limousine. The complaint is here, and alleges a sophisticated financial transaction between FCS and Elite, the effect of which was to strip our clients of their franchise rights, and valuable corporate accounts that they had built and serviced over the years. Among other grievances, drivers who had been earning six-figures before the transaction saw their income reduced by as much as 80% -- while FCS's principals cashed out of the business. For those who stayed driving with Elite, Elite treated them like second-class citizens, unfairly distributing jobs away from them and towards legacy Elite drivers.

The case, Buttar v. Elite Limousine Plus, Inc., 651088/2019, is pending in the Supreme Court, New York County and pleaded as a class action.