• David Slarskey

New Filing: Knox v. Cengage

We filed suit today on behalf of textbook authors, to challenge various of Cengage's business practices. The Complaint can be found here. It includes allegations concerning: (i) Cengage's unilateral implementation of Cengage Unlimited, an all-access subscription model that is inconsistent with Cengage's obligations to its authors under their publishing agreements; (ii) Cengage's practice of arbitrarily and unfairly reducing royalties that it pays to authors on courseware that is derivative of its authors' works; and (iii) Cengage's practice of unfairly refusing to disclose information necessary to determine the validity of its royalty calculations.

Forbes covered the lawsuit here.

Authors interested in the litigation may obtain more information by emailing dslarskey@slarskey.com, subject line "Cengage Litigation."

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